HTTP2 ready

This blog site is finally HTTP2 ready. Let’s review the techniques used by this blog.
Arch Apache Hexo


This website is hosted by a Amazon EC2 instance in west coast. The instance is reserved for a year so it only costs $75.


This website is powered ArchLinux. Without the unnecessary pre-installed softwares, this OS only requires 90MB ~ 110MB memory.

Web server

The web server is Apache. The newest Apache ships with mod_h2, the HTTP/2 support. I also tried h2c (HTTP/2 without TLS). Apparently mainstream browsers don’t support it.

Blog software

I just shift to hexo from Wordpress. There are two reasons. Hexo generates static web pages from Markdown files. Compared to Wordpress, which uses PHP + MySQL, it seems to be more lightweight. The second reason is I love writing Markdown.


I just bought this Comodo SSL certificate for $4.99 each year as SSL is a must for HTTP/2.