Keyboard Term and rTerm

A modified Android telnet client for YSSY BBS (SJTU) only.
Non-YSSY users please go to Android market to get the original version.

The rTerm project is originally from Roiding BBS Terminal Project. This Chinese BBS terminal supports multiple sessions, gestures and auto login.

Unfortunately, because of the different understanding of the telnet protocol between the client and the YSSY BBS server, users of this client suffer from connection problem when logging in YSSY BBS. The slight difference of login process between YSSY BBS and other BBS systems also makes the auto login invalid.

I modified the rTerm client, and now the connection and auto login work well for YSSY. However, changing the auto login process make it incompatible for other BBS systems.


KeyboardTerm (recommended):Download


  • 2012/?/?: Port the same features in KeyboardTerm.
  • 2011/12/16: Update to the latest version of rTerm on google code. Add YSSY BBS in Address Book. Make the icon display well. Download
  • 2011/5/12: Fixed Auto Login for YSSY BBS. Download rTerm 1.1.2
  • 2010/7/26: Fixed connection problem when connecting YSSY BBS. Download rTerm legacy

Web-based SJTUBBS Client

Here is another android client for sjtubbs. I’m not the author!

Google Play

Local Download (for those who cannot access google play, maybe not up to date)